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The Friends of Triumph (FOT) are dedicated to preserving the racing heritage of the Triumph marque.   Campaigning these automobiles on the track is at the essence of our purpose.   Hopefully the photos and descriptions that follow will bear testimony to that end.... a dynamic display of power and agility. 

The Friends of Triumph's  membership hale from all parts of the world  and includes current and previous Triumph race car drivers. 



Friends of Triumph presents

The Kastner Cup – 2014
“The Battle of Eagles Canyon”
May 16-18, 2014

Contact: Bob Kramer: 512-431-8563

” The Battle at Eagles Canyon”

History will record this battle. There is a canyon, in the far north of that place called Texas, a piece of land so desirable that over the century’s tribes of natives fought battles for its control. Then they fought settlers and finally the soldiers. Later men came and tried to tame it with their powerful machines, but it remains just out of reach. It is here that a man named Kastner has hidden his treasure, and the word is spreading. Many will come to try to take his chalice, the fabled Kastner Cup, and a spirited battle will ensue. But can it be won? The challenges are many. The road into the canyon has many a turn, many a hill and much risk. It is what they call “difficult terrain”. The eagles soaring above can see the road twisting ever downhill. They can see it rise up toward the sky and their outstretched talons. At ground level it just disappears like eyes closed against the wind. Know this, skill and determination will be rewarded.

It will take much preparation and planning for this journey. The machines must be in top form and the wagons that will carry them up to the task. Fortunately this canyon is not far from the well known cattle town of Fort Worth. Closer still, lodging and supplies can be procured in nearby Decatur. The Innkeeper called Hampton will be the choice of many, those that enjoy telling their war stories after the battle along with loads of amenities. Another Innkeeper with the name of Baymont also provides a bed and a blanket and a hot breakfast. They’ll hold you a bed upon your request. Mention that you are a Friend of Triumph and you will get a special price. The battlefield itself is a special place. It has plenty of cover that can be reserved. 

Hampton Inn and Suites Decatur
110 South US Hwy 81/287
Decatur, Texas 76234
(940) 627-4900
FOT Rate $79.00

Baymont Inn and Suites Decatur
600 W Hale Avenue
Decatur, TX 76234 
(940) 627-3338
FOT Rate $65.00 Pet’s OK with $17.50 fee

For more information on travelling to this place called Eagles Canyon have a look at:

All Triumph Covered Paddock Spaces, 3 Days for $75.00. To reserve please email Bob at

Race Registration will be $400.00 for Friday Test and Tune, Saturday and Sunday races, and feature events. 

Registration fee includes the Saturday British Small Bore Race and Sunday Kastner Cup race.

Can you handle that kind of track time? More info at CVAR website at:

K-Cup Spectators will be interested in the Texas All British Car Days Spring Rallye leaving from ECR-stay tuned for more information

Additional hotel info here


The Kastner Cup 2013

September 6-8, 2013
Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI

It is the 11th installment in an annual event filled with racing history. Starting in 2003 in Ontario, Canada at Mosport International Raceway and has been held at different historic villages with racetracks in the forefront all over North America. With locations like Watkins Glen, Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca, and other race tracks, this installment for 2013 should prove to be the largest and most historic of them all. The Village of Elkhart Lake, WI is alive with racing influence and sights that any motor sports fan can relish for life. From the old course still in place with landmarks like turn five, The Hard Left, to the start/finish line distinctly marked in the background of the famous Seibken's Resort and Tavern. Elegance, style, ambiance are all felt while standing in the center of it all. Did Paul Newman sit in this very chair? Did Kas Kastner stay in this room? The mind can't help but wander off into thoughts of high revs and tire smoke. The prominence and prestige of the rich and famous, the finer things right before your very eyes.

Even visiting the small village's benefits like quaint antique shops, personable cafes, and local villagers' smiles and welcoming waves, all with the sweet song of horsepower in the distance. This weekend will be filled with "can't miss" events. Take in a stroll around the green terrain, eat at a five star restaurant, order a drink at Seibken's Bar, enjoy the Gather on the Green Vintage Car Show near the old start/finish line in the Osthoff Luxury Resort courtyard, or hang out at the track all day and soak up the sights and sounds that are only present at this event. If you have a car, you are in for a special treat. There will be Old Course reenactments, tour laps at Road America, and wind in your hair while following vintage cars wanting to be a part of it all just like you. This promises to be a touch of it all. A hint of the honor and glory of yester-years.

Not only will there be racing, but it will be a display of how things used to be. Real men in rockets on the razor's edge in cars that are rebuilt to specs of their prime. 40, 50, 60 year old cars humming a tune of power around Canada corner and up the hill towards the tower. Spectators, aptly pegged "Fence Monkeys" peering around the corners trying to get a glimpse of days of glory past. The smell of burnt rubber and exhaust fumes ever present at every corner of this "4 Miles of Black Magic".

This will be the place to be, the thing to do, and will coexist with the VSCDA's Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival starting September 6th and continuing through September 8th. The Kastner Cup will be the crown jewel of this entire weekend. Someone will be awarded the prestigious Kastner Cup. It won't necessarily be the fastest driver. It is possible to win twice, just not consecutively, but I guarantee they will be pushing as hard as everyone else. There is yet to be a repeat winner. The Kastner Cup is based on 50% track performance, 25% car presentation, and 25% attitude and interest in Vintage Racing.

Come be a part of it all. Take in all the sights and sounds that this once in a lifetime experience has to offer. Whether you are a racer or spectator, we promise you will develop fond memories and meet people with the same passion and love for vintage cars and the lifestyle that comes with being a custodian of such works of art, displays of form and function, and historic drivers alike.

See you there. September 6th-8th at Elkhart Lake, WI. VSCDA's Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival and Kastner Cup 2013 are waiting for you...



There will be more info coming on package deals exclusively to Friends of Triumph, VTR, TRA, 6 PAK, VSCDA, ELVF, and NASS members. These packages will include welcome dinner (Friday night) with Kas Kastner, old course re-enactment, crew assignments for the famous Triumph TR 250K, prime paddock parking (Triumphs only), Gather on the Green car show on the Osthoff Resort lawn, Road America track touring, and much more for the whole weekend. Everyone with packages and a Triumph will be able to take a pre-grid lap of Road America on Sunday before the Kastner Cup. For package info and forms, email Shawn Frank at

Please share this with others that may be interested in attending this epic, once-in-a-lifetime event.



Order your event shirts now! Click here for details!

Check out the Lester Garage, this will be our HQ during the event

Participant list



The 2012 Kastner Cup was held at Road Atlanta, at The Mitty


Click here to for the scoop!




More about the Kastner Cup here:


Kas Kastner recently finished his fourth book! You can buy them them from his website, These are a must have for anyone interested in Triumph racing scene, past or present. More information on our Kas Pages.


New  Crankshafts

Members have been working on new crankshaft designs for the TR2-4 and the TR250-6. Click here to take a look:


Racing is what the FOT is about,

these images say it all. 


You can see this and more on the historical page photos.  

Ken Richardson and Mike Rothschild in  Dallas

1988 at the TR National event.

Polaroid photo by Hanne, Mikes wife. From the look of these cowboys faces they are seriously happy.


Kas Kastner and Lew Spencer at Pomona in '59. Click the picture for the whole story.


The TR250K behind a few characters at Sebring in 1968.


Short Sebring Story from R. "Kas" Kastner

When building the cars for the 1963 attack at Sebring, I had 31 gal fuel tanks made up and then installed them in the trunks of the cars. At the first filling I found that they were oversize by almost 1½ gals. No time to take out and change etc etc.....soooooooo, I bought a bunch of plastic 8 ounce bottles, screwed the lids on tight and dumped them into the tank until the proper volume was found. Went through tech inspection easy and right on the money. Later on we found that the gasoline had melted the plastic and I was back to the original size. Good thing they never checked them after the event. Amazingly none of the drivers noticed the knocking around in the tank when on low fuel. I heard it instantly but " whatchagoingtodo". We went three hours with each car before refueling. ( could have made it without the extra but ......) Finished the event 1,2,4.


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