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The Friends of Triumph (FOT) are dedicated to preserving the racing heritage of the Triumph marque.   Campaigning these automobiles on the track is at the essence of our purpose.   Hopefully the photos and descriptions that follow will bear testimony to that end.... a dynamic display of power and agility. 

The Friends of Triumph's  membership hale from all parts of the world  and includes current and previous Triumph race car drivers. 


2015 Kastner Cup

May 14-17

The 13th annual Kastner Cup race will be held at Summit Point Raceway (Summit Point, West Virginia) as part of the four day Jefferson 500 vintage race event. The organizers, Vintage Racer Group (VRG), have announced that Triumph will be the featured marque. All Triumph-powered cars are welcome. We expect a large turn-out of Triumphs, both racing and street cars. The Kastner Cup race honors R.W. "Kas" Kastner, who ran the U.S. Triumph racing program in the 1960s-1970s, and has over 50 years experience in the automotive and racing industry. Kas himself will be in attendance, presenting the Cup to the car and driver selected for the award. 

The Jefferson 500, to be held on May 14-17, 2015, first ran twenty years ago when Bill Scott, the track owner, and his friend Brian Redman brought vintage racing to this charming, "old school" track. Brian Redman will again be the Grand Marshall of the event in 2015. VRG’s philosophy is to deliver a lot of track time at a reasonable entry fee - the event includes a Thursday practice day, a driver's school for novices and three days of qualifying and racing. Track time abounds! In 2014 the event had over 200 entrants, with eight race groups from 20-40 cars each. The all-Triumph Kastner Cup race will be held on Saturday. Typical race groups Triumphs are in will be under 1.5 liter, and 1.5-2.5 liter. 

Summit Point is a good track for Triumph cars - the main circuit is 2.0 miles, ten turns, 400' of elevation change, with lots of good twisty bits and a 2,900 foot main straight. The track is located about 70 miles west of Washington DC.

Triumph car owners and spectators:

Summit Point and the Jefferson 500 are a great spectator track and event - full access to the pits, great viewing of virtually every point on the track and lots of room for camping and display of street cars. There’s free rein to wander through the pits, talk to the drivers and check out the race cars. There's also a Saturday car show of vintage cars in the field overlooking part of the track - participation requires coordination with the organizer, Chuck Tilley of Country Roads Car Club. Entry in the show gets participants a discounted entry ticket to the track, so it's actually cheaper than paying for a spectator ticket. Chuck also organizes charity laps at lunch time on race days, and if there's enough interest we should be able to get a Triumphs-only charity lap on Saturday. He will have a Triumphs-only section at the show.

The area has great country roads, lots of hotels, inns, restaurants, and historic sites – Harper’s Ferry is only 17 miles away.

• Event Hotel - There is an event hotel, with favorable rates. If you are a Triumph racer or owner, please contact Scott Janzen for information on the hotel.
• Summit Point Raceway (track information)
• Vintage Racer Group (racer registration, Jefferson 500 event info, schedule) Registration will not open until late February 2015.
• Car Show Entry – Chuck Tilley, Country Roads Car Club,,
• Event questions – please email Scott Janzen, Friends of Triumph event organizer, at




The 2012 Kastner Cup was held at Road Atlanta, at The Mitty


Click here to for the scoop!




More about the Kastner Cup here:


Kas Kastner recently finished his fourth book! You can buy them them from his website, These are a must have for anyone interested in Triumph racing scene, past or present. More information on our Kas Pages.


New  Crankshafts

Members have been working on new crankshaft designs for the TR2-4 and the TR250-6. Click here to take a look:


One the way to LeMans, 1963

Click here for a few great pictures taken by Bob Tulliius of Kas and Mike Rothschild in France on their way to LeMans in 1963. 


Racing is what the FOT is about,

these images say it all. 


You can see this and more on the historical page photos.  

Ken Richardson and Mike Rothschild in  Dallas

1988 at the TR National event.

Polaroid photo by Hanne, Mikes wife. From the look of these cowboys faces they are seriously happy.


Kas Kastner and Lew Spencer at Pomona in '59. Click the picture for the whole story.


The TR250K behind a few characters at Sebring in 1968.


Short Sebring Story from R. "Kas" Kastner

When building the cars for the 1963 attack at Sebring, I had 31 gal fuel tanks made up and then installed them in the trunks of the cars. At the first filling I found that they were oversize by almost 1˝ gals. No time to take out and change etc etc.....soooooooo, I bought a bunch of plastic 8 ounce bottles, screwed the lids on tight and dumped them into the tank until the proper volume was found. Went through tech inspection easy and right on the money. Later on we found that the gasoline had melted the plastic and I was back to the original size. Good thing they never checked them after the event. Amazingly none of the drivers noticed the knocking around in the tank when on low fuel. I heard it instantly but " whatchagoingtodo". We went three hours with each car before refueling. ( could have made it without the extra but ......) Finished the event 1,2,4.


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